The Kestral 

6.0m long x 2.4m wide.     Rents for $155pw

Living room + Kitchenette + Bedroom + Ensuite + Power and light fittings + Insulated

Sleep out..  or Granny Flat..  or Home office..  or Bach Extention..  or Art Studio..  or?

 This larger cabin is an ideal solution. The living room has a kitchenette then an ensuite beyond. The ensuite comes with a shower, vanity and  porta potti toilet.  Optional standard toilet available if you are able to service it. The hot water califont works great when we hook it to mains pressure. If your water supply is from a header tank you may need a small inline pump to assist. Power supply is via a 15m extension cord with an adaptor which we supply. Toilet is a cassette type portapotti which is only really for night time use. There is an optional standard toilet if you have the ability to service it. For the hot water califont the gas bottle is normally supplied by you but we can supply you one @ $55.

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